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Cocktail &
Bar Catering

With years of experience transporting that relaxed yet lively atmosphere from Geist im Glas bar in Neukölln to events and celebrations, Aishah and her team know exactly what’s required to take your event to new heights.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it. With Geist Cocktail Catering, it’s not just about the drink you’re holding, but who’s serving it, how it’s presented and the overall atmosphere you enjoy it in. We take care of everything for you: from a curated menu of bespoke drinks and a friendly team of mixologists and servers, to unique ingredients like house-infused spirits and a creative bar set-up.

Featuring our famous homemade spirit and syrup infusions, we create a unique bar menu of bespoke cocktails, long drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails and coffee to suit your event size, style and needs perfectly. We also offer a curated selection of natural wines from our sister wine bar, Le Balto. Our drinks menu can speak for itself or it can also be paired to your culinary menu so that the flavours and style complement each other. 


Interested in hearing more about our cocktail catering? Get in touch! Once we hear a bit more info about what kind of event you have in mind, we’ll prepare a bespoke offer for your event.

Our Drinks

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tasty and beautiful cocktail
Delicious and professional looking cocktail with garnish
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What We Offer

We specialise in catering to the following events: 

Corporate Events ▪ Company Events ▪ Trade Shows ▪ Conferences ▪ Festivals ▪ Private Events ▪ Social Events

▪ Influencer Events ▪ Fashion Shows ▪ Store Openings


We can provide:


Cocktails ▪ Long drinks ▪ Craft and local beers ▪ Alcohol-free cocktails ▪ Soft drinks

▪ Self-imported natural wine ▪ Tea & coffee service

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Additional Services

Cool bartender in Berlin
Fun and trendy bar and bar staff


We help you with your bar opening or bar refresh, offering the best industry knowledge and tips

Consultation on bar setup and layout
Creative drinks menu with lots of variety


We offer a fresh set of eyes on your bar menu and advice on how to take it up a level

Drinks styling for film or design projects
Beautifully styled drinks and cocktails


We provide film or design projects, like The Hunger Games, the perfect drinks styling for on set


Some Signature Drinks

Creative twist on a classic cocktail
Classic negroni cocktail with a twist in Berlin


Creative cocktails in Berlin
Tasty cocktail create by expert mixologist


Creative twist on classic old fashioned cocktail
Old fashioned cocktail in crystal glass


Who We've Worked With...

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Who We'd
Like To Work With...

Fashion companies icon

Big and bold brands: We love companies with big ideas, creative teams and lots of imagination.

Berlin companies icon

Companies in search of a touch of Berlin: We’re great at adding that special Berlin style.

Berlin events icon

Intimate events: We love sharing those special moments with you.

Get In Touch

Looking for cocktail catering for your next event? Drop us a line with your requirements and what we can do for you. Enquiries in both English and German are welcome!

Friendly, professional mixologists
Creative drinks  and cocktails in Berlin
Talented, fun bar staff Berlin

We’re excited to hear from you.

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