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Delicious drinks for cocktail catering
Creative drinks by Berlin cocktail catering

Cocktail Catering

Interested in finding out more about our cocktail catering service? Get in touch and we’ll be delighted to talk through your next event together.


From menu options, availability, and service offerings, we’re excited to make your next event a memorable one. Let’s have a chat!

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Geist im Glas Bookings

We don’t take brunch reservations but rather operate on a first-come-first-served basis. Do you have an event or a gathering that you’d like to book out a table or all of Geist im Glas for? No problem! Contact us via the contact form below with some of your event info and we’ll sort you out.

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Drinks at Geist im Glas bar in Berlin
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Evening Bar


1. Do you take reservations? 

We do, but we have different conditions during the winter and summer months, shoot us a message via the contact form.


2. Do you hire out the entire bar? 

We can do for certain situations depending on the day of the week, send us a message with your requirements via the contact form.


3. How long are you open? 

Usually until 1/2am during the weekdays and weekends will go as late at 3/4am.


4. Do you take Cards? 

We only take cash currently but can issue an invoice if you leave your information with your host.


5. Is it a smoking bar? 

We allow smoking in the back room after 7pm.


6. Do you have food in the evening? 

Yes we offer some light snacks like olives, chips and salsa.

1. Do you take reservations? 

For the bar we do but not for the brunch. We have a small kitchen and we have found that the flow for the customers is much better when we avoid no-shows or late comers.


2. Do you offer non-meat options? 

All of our dishes can be made vegetarian.


3. Do you take Cards? 

We only take cash currently but can issue an invoice if you leave your information with your host.


4. Are children welcome? 

Yes, and we offer a kids plate. However we don’t have baby chairs but some space for push chairs.


5. When's the best time to come without a wait time? 

Arriving before 11 is your best bet. Or after 2pm, but be warned, the kitchen closes at 3pm.


6. How long will I wait for a table?

It can be up to 30 minutes depending on the size of your group. But you can sip some cocktails in the meantime.


7. How long can I expect to wait for food?

Our hosts try to pace the tables for the least amount of wait time, but as we are a small kitchen and we prepare everything fresh, there’s usually a wait between 20-40 mins. We have a ‘while you wait’ plate for you to order on those occasions.


8. Can I bring my dog?

Yes! We are dog lovers and have dog water bowls for them.


9. What's the laptop policy? 

We don’t allow laptops at all. Nobody wants to be reminded of work whilst trying to enjoy a drink!


10. Are you hiring at the moment? 

We are always interested to hear from potential new staff, feel free to introduce yourself via our contact form


Get In Touch

Drop us a line to check on our availability, times and cocktail catering services.

You can also drop by: 27 Lenaustraße, 12047 Berlin.


Opening hours:

For drinks: Mon - Sun 18:00 - late

For brunch: Sat + Sun 10:00 - 15:00

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